Friday, September 23, 2011

Afro Video

Yo and hello. I want you all to check out this video made by my good online friend ReviewZoneHD. It seems he has been listening to some of my music on for quite a while now, and he has been helping me on my youtube journey and has been a huge help to me. He does PS3 game reviews on his youtube channel and he does high quality graphics  using Adobe After Effects, CS5 and Sony Vegas. Check out the music video of the PS3 Afro Samurai  game that he put together using some sogns that I made which I remixed from No Doubt and Lady Gaga respectively.
Check out his channel here: 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yo and welcome to my blog! I am known as JPSuperFresh aka POW_L on twitter. I am 19 years old at the moment. First, thank you for checking out my page. 
 I thought That I would start things off with this video of my studio in Memphis, TN. I call it the Twilight Zone because I really enjoy the 50s show on it. The title has a  lot of meaning to it for me. It's the boundary between imagination and reality. It's such a thin line. Post your thought and comment on my set up.Enjoy the tour!